Quartz Countertop Design, Fabrication, and Installation

Many homeowners are choosing quartz to upgrade the counters in their kitchen and bathroom, and it’s no wonder why. Quartz offers a subtle, yet stylish look and feel with very little maintenance necessary. We source our material from multiple different places of origin, giving your counters a special feel.

The benefits of quartz are the primary reasons it’s growing in popularity. This material is highly durable and nonporous, meaning spills and stains won’t stick around. It also is more resistant to bacteria as it doesn’t absorb messes. There is little to no maintenance with quartz as there is no sealing required and the surface is incredibly hard, which prevents scratches and other damage that may occur from regular wear and tear. We do not recommend placing direct heat on your quartz countertops as it is susceptible to heat damage.

beautiful kitchen counters

Your quartz countertops from Desert Sky Surfaces will leave you satisfied for many years to come. Take advantage of the incredible benefits quartz has to offer! Our experience with quartz countertop design, fabrication, and installation is unmatched in the Mesa, Arizona area.

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