Solid surface countertops consist of a combination of mineral dust, resin, and pigments. This material is easily fabricated and has a seamless finish, giving your kitchen and bathroom a stylish yet durable look. Solid surface is considered a more cost-effective alternative to other stone materials without losing the attractiveness and strength.

This material has been used consistently in homes new and old for many reasons. Solid surfaces have a smooth finish and a seamless integration into your backsplash and sink. The options for color choice and pattern are virtually unlimited, giving you the ability to customize your countertops, as well as mimic other stone materials. Solid surface countertops are easily repaired if damaged and can be cleaned quickly.

outdoor kitchen with granite counters

If you’re interested in a cost-effective countertop that is stylish and strong, Solid Surface could be the right option for you. At Desert Sky Surfaces, we have the ability to design, fabricate, and install customized countertops in your home. Our team has extensive experience with this material and will provide you with top-quality customer service!

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